Carolyn Smith

I thank my lucky stars for the day in October that a friend suggested I contact  Nigel McHollan to see if he could help me after 11 months of pain following an accident.

Just retired, I ruptured a disc in my lower back then found my life dominated by pain as I tried to continue normal everyday activities. Life became a clock watching routine waiting for my next load of painkillers & months of hospital physiotherapy made little difference. A comfortable night’s sleep was just a memory and basic activities such as climbing a few stairs, walking short distances or sitting in the car for more than a couple of miles became painful, depressing goals.

Nigel’s expertise in Bio Mechanics and the speed with which he identified the root cause of all my pain gave me confidence to follow his small ,simple exercise regime which immediately started to show results.   Within a couple of weeks, my consumption of painkillers dropped dramatically & for the first time in over a year I could sit at dinner with my family without excruciating pain.  Now, 10 weeks on life has almost returned to normal,I’ve started swimming again, resumed long walks with the family & happily take car journeys down to family in England.

I would say to anyone with chronic pain consult Nigel. He’ll listen to you and use his diagnostic skills to help you understand what is actually wrong with your body and what can be done to fix it. Place your confidence in him, follow his instructions and your sure to feel the difference.

Mrs Carolyn Smith


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