Kerri Harkness

As a Scot living in Australia I visited Nigel last July whilst back in Scotland on holiday.

I have a chronic degenerative disc disease which meant I’d spent years on pain killers and anti-inflammatories. Flying home every 6 months was a nightmare – indescribable pain from sitting on long flights. I saw Nigel twice last year and committed to the gentle exercises which he gave me. Within one week the difference was amazing! Two weeks after seeing Nigel, I flew for the first time ever completely pain free!  I flew back home this month – 8 months on, again pain free.

Previously I’d had to limit my exercise routines to things which I knew wouldn’t aggravate my back. In September last year I did my first Obstacle Course, climbing over obstacles which I’d never dreamed of attempting a year ago!

I cannot recommend Nigel’s work highly enough. He has transformed my life – whilst I’ll always have a chronic degenerative disease, he’s allowed me to manage it with exercise instead of medication and allowed me to look forward to many more obstacle courses! Next stop is to hit the ski slope again!!

Kerri Harkness


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