Are you ready for the relaxation experience of a lifetime?

Are you stuck sitting at a desk all day?

Is mental exhaustion becoming the norm?

And does balance feel completely out of reach?

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11th - 14th November 2021



Are you ready for change?

Have you let success and career take importance over your health and wellbeing?

Join us and reset the balance. Take back control over your health.



There is no more important time than now for Breathwork. Learn SOMA and INFINITE Breathwork Meditation techniques to boost your immune system, increase and strengthen your lung capacity, reduce anxiety and feel empowered.



Our menu is based on becoming aligned with the Primal way of living. We don’t calorie count or restrict, and we don’t starve our clients. Meals are extremely nutritious, healthy and tasty. It’s simple wholesome food that should leave you full with a feeling of satisfaction & well being. On our Retreats, you have the opportunity to learn more about becoming Primal as well as enjoy eating delicious home made meals and treats. Primal Is No Passing Fad. Grounded in Evolutionary Science. Validated by Research.



Cold Water Immersion (CWI) is a form of cold water therapy, which improves the natural recovery process of the human body. A well-known type of Cold Water Immersion, is taking ice baths or cold showers. Cold Water Immersion is a great way to activate the body’s natural healing powers, and to make it able to relieve symptoms of various medical conditions. When practiced on a regular basis, the positive effects of exposure to cold last even longer. Over time, Cold Water Immersion improves your cardiovascular circulation, reduces muscle inflammation, and facilitates weight loss.





Royal Deeside and the Cairngorms National Park has a lot to offer. Situated just a few miles outside of Ballater, Cambus O’May offers comfortable and versatile accommodation options to start your adventure from. The Birkelunn is an original Norwegian log house in a secluded location surrounded by birch trees with stunning views. Originally built for Lady Glentanar in 1938, the Birkelunn offers warm and inviting accommodation and has been carefully furnished to reflect the natural beauty of the area. Just a stones throw form the River Dee and the famous Cambus O’May suspension bridge.

Royal Deeside – Dinnet, Aboyne, AB34 5NY

Your Hosts

Nigel Mchollan

Primal Health Expert

nigel mchollan

Nigel is a Health and Wellness coach who specialises in educating and empowering people into making positive changes with their lifestyle for the benefit of their overall health and well being.

Nigel has worked with clients looking to improve their Health and Wellness for over twenty years. Becoming self employed in 2000 with an initial business as a Personal trainer and Remedial Pilates Teacher. He has grown his business to include Intrinsic Biomechanics Coaching, Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy, Strength and Conditioning Coaching, Primal Health Coaching and SOMA Breath Work Meditation. His business has taken him as far afield as the west coast of America and has had clients visit him for treatment from outside the UK, establishing an international profile.

Nigel runs a Primal Health Coaching programme designed to cover all aspects of a clients lifestyle management to address the real issues that may be underlying or holding them back.

Anita Edwards

Primal Health Expert

anita edwards

Anita is dedicated in the health, fitness and wellness industry and has been for over twenty years.

A dedicated health coach and fitness mentor, Anita prides herself in helping clients and students in achieving personal goals and helping them implement positive changes to benefit all aspects of their long-term health.

A certified Primal Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Tutor, Assessor and Infinite Breath Facilitator. Anita has worked for The Fitness Education Academy for the last six years and has travelled all over Scotland leading other professionals through quality training in various different fitness disciplines.

Anita is founder of Optimal Primal Health and runs her own coaching programme in helping women with food choices and lifestyle habits to make an impact on overall health and wellbeing.

With supported guidance to reduce the complexity of diet, exercise and lifestyle habits through scientific research, Anita prides herself in finding long term solutions, not just quick fixes.


11th - 14th November 2021

3 Nights, 4 Days
Prices Full Board

Single Occupancy £950.00


“I had a breath-work session with Anita and she explained thoroughly beforehand how she uses her breathing work. I have asthma and Anita kindly talked me through how to use my breathing and adding a magical space between the out and in breath. She taught me how to control my breathing and for different forms of breathing. After the session I felt totally relaxed and full of energy. It was an amazing experience I highly recommend to everyone. Also she is an amazing inspiration herself with her healthy living passion, fitness and personal training knowledge. I have learned a lot from her. I will definitely be back for more. Thank you Anita”.
Juliana VA

Happy Clients Say ...

I initially contacted Nigel for intrinsic biomechanics to help fix a chronic achilles problem (which he managed to cure!) but it was through our work together I found out about his Primal health and Soma breathwork programmes. He has helped me change my diet to manage my SIBO/leaky gut symptoms caused by endometriosis which I had struggled with for years; the change has been transformative. I have worked with both Anita and Nigel and am now a regular attendee of their Soma breathwork meditations. In the past I have struggled with meditation as I can be an over-thinker so when someone says stop thinking or let the thoughts pass, my brain goes into overdrive. Focussing on the breath really makes sense and works for me and this has become an important part of my self-care routine, particularly during the last 12 months of the pandemic. Nigel and Anita are extremely professional and at the same time very supportive and encouraging. They work by attuning to the individual’s pace and understand the importance of allowing people to come to change in their own time.

Katie B

I have worked with Nigel for about 4 years now and what I have achieved in that time is way beyond what I had dreamed of. Nigel created a training and eating plan which I followed religiously on the run up to the London marathon. My diet went to almost carb free, allowing me to burn fat for longer periods of time and not bonk mid event. I ran the Marathon in my expected time and injury free. 3 months later I had booked an Ultra Marathon! I cannot thank Nigel enough for the time and patience he has given me.

Kirsten Sadler

I already was working with Nigel as a PT so had spoken to him about the fat adapted lifestyle. I was a bit daunted at the thought of the initial 21 day challenge as it seems like all my favourite things are complex carbs! Nigel framed it as a challenge which fired up my competitive side and it was so much easier than I thought it would be. I kept a food diary and at first had lots of questions about what I could and couldn’t have but Nigel was happy to answer my many texts and keep me right.

Clare Mackle

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