SOMA Session

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An invitation and a reminder.

Don’t forget that you can breathe right now.
How amazing is that breath.

“You can take a breath” is a conscious decision to an already existing function that you do without thinking. To take something automatic and make it intentional.

This breath is different. From the millions that you’ll breathe in a lifetime, your next one can reconnect you, empower you, release you and remind you that you’re only human.

You can take a breath. Inhale like your life depends on it. Because it does.

Join us every Thursday and experience what SOMA Breath Work Meditation can do for you.

3 reviews for SOMA Session

  1. Jennifer

    Nigel is an amazing teacher and guide. Highly recommend joining his SOMA Sessions and other offerings.

  2. sarah buonocore


  3. Dianne

    Absolutely love this class. Sets me up for the week and keeps me grounded 💜

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